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Afropips Marijuana Seeds

Afropips is a superior collection of sophisticated indulgences for the cannabis connoisseur. Introducing African Heritage cannabis seed varieties from legendary growing regions and top growers. Intriguing new F1 cultivars created by combining the finest African Sativas with international fast flowering favourites & Cannabis Cup winners. Afropips was started in the year 2000 by the founder known as Afroman . All cannabis seeds are professionally selected, pressure tested and packaged and sealed in crush-proof packaging. Produced entirely organically.

Afropips marijuana seeds Marijuana Seeds
THC concentrates 9 gramsthc capsules 25mg 10 capsulesthc caps 3 capsulesthc caps 25mg thc Canna Gels / Gelatin Capsules 1 capsulethc caps 25mg 20 capsules

Canadian Marijuana

Hello with the recent changes in the laws in canada we can now start selling marijuana too canadian citizens too alleviate the many problems cannabis helps with. We can not accept credit cards for marijuana sales sorry interac, cash, money order, bit coin accepted.

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