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Vampire Bud bc seeds

Vampire Bud bc seeds

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Do you find yourself not fitting into society like most people around you?

Do you find that you can drink or use substances more than your friends yet keep under control? Find that you burn more easily in the sun?

Do you find when you become ill, you don’t get as sick and heal faster than others?

Do people often tell you that you are an old soul, and you seem wiser than your age?

Do you have excellent night vision?

Do you feel tired in the day time, yet seem more awake and productive in the wee hours of the night?

Young Vampires are not all like how they are portrayed on T.V. and in books.

If you find that you can smoke more cannabis than most people around you without the same altering effects, than maybe you are a young Vampire.

We have discovered three new Cannabinoids THO, LER, and NCE, and when we breed our cannabis with higher levels of the three important Cannabinoids, even people with a strong tolerance (Vampires) could feel it’s full effects.

Vampire Bud tops well, and we recommend topping so you form two giant cola’s (Fang’s) Do not over top, as the results and yield will diminish when trying to grow 4 cola’s.

She stay’s under 4.5’ tall and if you flower at the recommended height of 12” and top once, she will finish quickly at 3’ 1/2” - 4’ tall with two nice cola’s.

Tip: When topping, do not use a knife or scissors, simple pinch with your thumb and index finger for better results.

Plant height: short/med height
THC level %: 44% With high levels of cannabinoids THO, LER and NCE
Flowering times: 52-56 Days
Yield: 800 g/m2
Grows: Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse
Strain Genetics: Romanian Landrace
Grow Difficulty: Medium
Plant Odor: Low/Med
Smoke Flavor: Thick Sour Smoke
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