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2024 Top 10 Rapper Cannabis Seed Strains Marijuana Seed pack of 20 Seeds

2024 Top 10 Rapper Cannabis Seed Strains Marijuana Seed pack of 20 Seeds

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Top 10 Rapper Marijuana Seed Strains 20 seed pack for 2024

Two Seeds per pack total of 20 seeds

1. Fryday Kush

Artist: Ice Cube
THC: 46%

Ice Cubes' collaboration with Caviar Gold to produce a new type of moon rock is taking the world by storm, as it really is the most potent flower in existence. The rapper's debut is a unique concoction that is sure to require a recovery period because it truly is that good.

2. Saucey Cake

Artist: Jim Jones
THC: 30.2%

Saucey Farms, a jointly owned cannabis company, specializes in high-quality, full-spectrum cannabis concentrates and oils, but it also offers top-shelf bud, and Saucey Cake is one of the best and most popular options on the menu. It’s perfect for soothing aches and pains, and it’s one of the most incredibly impressive to smoke for recreational consumers.

3. Freddie Kane

Artist: Freddie Gibbs
THC: 29.8%

The signature strain from rapper Freddie Gibbs is a potent and sedating breed, offering some of the strongest effects possible from pure flower. Of course, the Grammy-nominated artist had brought other offerings to the green table before this, with Passiflora, which released in 2020, but it’s nowhere near as euphoric as this heavy Indica.

4. Jetlag

Artist: Curren$y
THC: 28.3%

Curren$y released a whole line of New Orleans’s inspired pungent buds under the banner Andretti Cannabis Co., and that was more than enough to establish his important role on the green scene, but only one strain stands out after surpassing the 28% mark for THC, and it is Jetlag. The beautifully hued purple Sativa comes with heavy, full-body effects that are designed with creative and functional stoners in mind.

5. Crowdwalker

Artist: Method Man
THC: 27.2%

One of Method Man’s 4 freshly launched TICAL line strains, Crowdwalker is a sedating Indica dominant hybrid that boasts a light, peppery scent and effects that will creep over those who use it. This cannabis strain, along with 3 others from the same line, has been exclusively carried by Black-owned dispensaries since their inception. Bred in partnership with Clone Guy Industries, Crowdwalker is available all over the Golden State.


6. Honey Bun

Artist: Berner
THC: 26%

As the CEO of the Cookies brand, the rapper and cannabis legend, Berner has given us dozens of strains to indulge in over the years. However, the company most popular is also one of its sweetest, and its Honey Bun. It’s a delightful hybrid therapeutic breed that is designed to melt away stress and anxiety while delivering a calming range of sedating effects that are both powerful and uplifting, making it a good choice for the evening.

7. Dizzy OG

Artist: Dizzy Wright
THC: 23%-25%

The rapper lends his name and notoriety to this beautifully balanced, orange-haired hybrid strain, which has won awards with Crown Genetics, and it’s really no surprise that this one made the top ten list because it was developed as a gift for Dizzy Wright fans. It’s a spicy hybrid strain that boasts a heavy punch of effects most suited for experienced users, but it’s so popular because it also leaves the mind free and clear, resulting in a more functional high.

8. Pink Rozay

Artist: Rick Ross
THC: 22%

In partnership with Berner’s giant Cookies brand, Rick Ross developed 3 new strains, and Pink Rozay is the heaviest Indica from the lineup. It provides a floral aroma with an earthy taste, a combination that’s insanely popular in particular among those most experienced cannabis consumers. With a calming rush and a potent kick, this one should probably be avoided if you have anything important to do during the day.
9. Khalifa Kush

Artist: Wiz Khalifa
THC: 20%-22%

If you enjoy the subtle tang of lemon paired with a pine aroma, then this rapper's hybrid cannabis strain might be right up your alley. Wiz Khalifa might not have created the strongest strain on this list, but he did achieve a special status as the very first rapper to get in the game. Not only that, but his strains sales and popularity have sustained over the years since its release, a difficult thing to maintain, and it wouldn’t be possible if not for its high quality.

10. Pynk Mynk

Artist: Cam’ron
THC: 18.6%

Rapper Cam’ron’s debut in the green market is a beautiful Sativa dominant hybrid that provides a unique combination of knock-out euphoria and a body buzz. Tokers who use this cannabis strain report a clean and functional high that is conducive to both lazing around and getting some hard work finished, and some say that it’s the perfect way to spark creativity. Pynk Mynk is only the first of 5 strains set to be released by the artist.

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