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Top 6 Relaxing Marijuana Strains of 2024 pack of 12 seeds

Top 6 Relaxing Marijuana Strains of 2024 pack of 12 seeds

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Top 6 Most Relaxing Strains of 2024

2 seeds each a total of 12 seeds

One of the best ways to use marijuana for relaxing and unwinding. Imagine yourself getting tired after working all day, and then you come home and smoke some marijuana. You feel relaxed and calm and get some rest and prepare yourself for tomorrow.

Smoking cannabis has proven to be relaxing more than anything else. Some cannabis strains will hit you immediately and some will take a while. Anyway, here is a list of the best cannabis strains for relaxing and unwinding.

OG Kush

Let’s start with the iconic OG Kush. This cannabis strain is famous and known to every experienced weed smoker. Perhaps even non-smokers have heard of OG Kush. Everyone wants OG Kush.

OG Kush was created back in the 90s, and it is a hybrid strain with an unknown history. This strain will give you an uplifting head buzz and then knock you down on the couch. You will feel completely calm, relaxed, and euphoric.

OG Kush is perfect for people who can tolerate THC, as it has a high percentage of THC. Aside from its relaxing and unwinding effects, OG Kush is also great for treating stress, migraine, ADHD, and depression.

Strawberry Cough

Many people wouldn’t think that Strawberry Cough is great for relaxation, since it is sativa-dominant. But, Strawberry Cough has a strong strawberry aroma and taste and a high THC content. It is just a waste to not use Strawberry Cough to relax.

The origin of Strawberry Cough is unknown, besides the fact that it comes from the Haze family. Make sure you can tolerate a high amount of THC before deciding to smoke it. Strawberry Cough will give you feelings of calm and happiness. Then, you’ll get a boost in energy and creativity.

That being said, only use Strawberry Cough to relax when you have some experience with weed. Beginners would have a hard time with Strawberry Cough, unfortunately. The smoke is hard and thick, which could be difficult for beginners.


Cannatonic is a balanced strain, meaning it is half indica and half sativa. As a balanced strain, Cannatonic is the perfect weed strain to ease anxiety and help you relax. Low THC content, only at 7%, but its CBD content is as high as 17%.

Cannatonic is regarded as the best cannabis strain for therapy. This is why it’s very popular in Canada. Though, people who are expecting a long-lasting buzz will be disappointed. Cannatonic has an uplifting, relaxing effect, but only for a short while.

Purple Widow

People who are looking for relaxing and unwinding cannabis strains are usually looking for Purple Widow. Purple Widow is a cross between White Widow and Purple Power. The result is a plant that produces fat and purple flowers.

The aroma is really nice, it’s like a variety of fruits with floral overtones. And the taste is citrusy too. Purple Widow has a combination of indica body high and racy, cerebral sativa effects.

The THC content is not too high, only at 17%, so it should be good even for beginners. Overall, Purple Widow is very pleasant to smoke and should help relax and calm your mind and body.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is regarded as the iconic cannabis that popularized smoking marijuana throughout the world. This strain is a potent pure indica, perfect for relaxing at night. It originated on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, then brought to the US in the 60s.

But the thing is, Hindu Kush couldn’t really thrive in the west. Therefore, people have been crossing it with other strains to make it more stable and compatible with the climate. That being said, Hindu Kush is more potent than most crossbreeds today.

Hindu Kush has a THC content of 20% and it is heavily sedative. You can recognize Hindu Kush by its large, clustered green buds, and the aroma is very complex, like sweet and musky at the same time, with a hint of sandalwood, pine, spice, and wet earth.

The smoke from Hindu Kush can be very harsh and cough-inducing, so prepare yourself. The high will be slowly creeping in, starting with a sense of physical relaxation and then moving toward mental fogginess. Soon your limbs and head will feel heavy, and you feel sleepy.

Girl Scout Cookies

Another hard-hitting cannabis strain that you should try is Girl Scout Cookies. With a high THC content of 28%, prepare to feel relaxed and drowsy. Girl Scout Cookies is one of the best strains to be used after dinner and when you’re trying to relax.

Girl Scout Cookies was created in order to get a high THC content, and they did just that. The first thing you will notice is the earthy and sweet aromas that hit your nose. And once you break apart the buds, the aroma will turn sweety.

The high is also quite interesting, first, you’ll feel a wave of euphoria and tingles all throughout your body. This is what you get with a small puff by the way. Then you will feel like you’re no longer in this world, and you certainly don’t want to get up from the couch. You will also get the munchies, so it’d be best to prepare some snacks beforehand.

The high isn’t over yet. Soon, you’ll feel giggly and creative. But despite feeling creative, you won’t be able to get anything done, sadly. This powerful effect will last for hours.


There you have it, some of the best cannabis strains to relax and unwind. These strains are recommended for both beginners and experienced smokers, but considering the effects of some of these strains, please be careful and be prepared.

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