Zkittlez marijuana seed 10 pack

Zkittlez marijuana seed 10 pack

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Wins: HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup 1st Place Indica San Francisco 2015

Lineage: Grape Ape x Grapefruit x ???

Tools Used: Santa Cruz Shredder, Raw Rolling Tray, Raw Rolling Papers, Clipper Lighter, Phuncky Feel Tip, Snob Glass Bong

Visuals/Bag Appeal: 3/5
Pretty decent trim and mediocre bud structure. Doesn't look too different from most strains available already. Light green, semi-dense, round bud, with orange/red hairs. Under magnification it has lots of trichomes on the surface, but not flooded. Very few clear trichomes; mostly cloudy with some amber trichome heads. Picked at a pretty good time. Doesn't look bad, but the look of this bud isn't what makes it so popular. Looks aren't everything.

Aroma: 5/5
Some of the best smelling, most unique aroma I have ever came across from cannabis. I want to live in the jar. I want to shove the nugs up my nose so I can always smell this aroma. If this was in "HolyWater" form, half would be for dabbing, and the other half would be just for wearing as a cologne. The most exaggerated citrus, fruit cocktail, tropical melody, candy store smell, with little hints of grape when you crack the jar. Zkittlez has more of a sweet smell than a sour smell. Imagine smelling a bag of lemon-flavored Skittles sitting on a dashboard in a hot car in Phoenix in July. That sweet candied citrus, lemon zest, kushy perfume aroma is so powerful, the smell lingered in the room after the jar was closed. I used to completely be against anything that smells or taste like lemon when it came to cannabis, but Zkittles is the only strain that I can make an exception to, so far.

Taste: 5/5
Before I rolled up a joint of this to smoke, I peeled off some leaf from the bud like I usually do; I also packed a bong of just sugar leaf from the bud to see if it would taste any different. Usually leaf burns hot and you really don't taste much. Not in this case. Taking a bong hit of just sugar leaf from Zkittlez taste pretty good! I couldn't wait to smoke a joint of this! Burning a jay, I enjoyed the taste this strain puts out so much more. It's like smoking citrus zest that was sitting in very sweet tropical punch with jellied citrus candy. Not too powerful or dominant, but enough to notice something other than lemon. Hands down, some of the tastiest weed I have ever come across.
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