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White Dragon

White Dragon

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White Dragon

Fairly fast flowering plant with major white crystals and high THC content. Surprisingly unique high considering most White Strains just knock you on your butt. The buzz is just as strong as White Widow but doesn't knock you out at the begginning quite as hard. This doesn't make the buzz less intesnse than white widow, just gives you more of a cerebral buzz at the start then kicks in hard. Great for cancer patients to kill pain and gives you the munchies. Sweet and fruity taste, heavy smoke. Not for the in-experienced. Buzz starts out cerebral trippy then hard, really hard body stone. You get the buzz from best of both worlds.

Fowering 63-70 days
Harvest mid-end September
Smell low/med fruity
INDICA/SATIVA 25% Indica 75% Sativa
Skill Level Easy to grow for begginer
THC Level THC level very very high
Indoors / Outdoors Indoor Strain, can be out or Greenhouse
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