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Apricot marijuana seeds

Apricot marijuana seeds

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Apricot Seeds

They started with a very interesting clone only plant and crossed it to a hardy Cinderella99 male.

With all that fruity flavor going on we expect to find some exceptional specimens in the "F2" offspring. From those we are hoping to find some plants that exhibit the Apricot flavor with a little more backbone than had.

We still expect that it will be necessary to stake the final result but we think it will be worth it.

The "F1" mother plant has a very grapey smell and flavor but had far better structure than Cinderella

Both Cinderella and ours have extreme resin production and this trait is definitely dominate in the F1 or original cross.

The traits we expect to see exhibited in this cross are:

1. Excellent Smooth Apricot Flavor

2. Extreme Resin Production

3. Potent Energetic Pain Relief

4. Extremely Fast Flower Time 50 - 60 days
5. Fast Cure Time

We recently have grown out several batchs of Apricot F2 seeds. The results have almost surpassed our expectations. We are starting more seeds very soon and are quite confident we will find some excellent breeding parents.

We are currently testing the phenotypes all the way through the curing process but already know we have met the goal of combining all 5 desired traits. The Apricot flavor is more present in some plants than others but most are rich, superior, smooth and delicious. The effect is very energetic, pain relieving and motivating. The flowers are very resinous and smell wonderful. The flower time met the expected mark of 50-60 days, some even earlier.
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