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Weight Buzzters Bud seeds

Weight Buzzters Bud seeds

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Plant height up to 11ft use 85-100g pot
thc level: 38.5% Flowering times : 60 days Yield: 1500 g/m Grows: Indoors/outdoors/Greenhouse Strain genetics: Secret Hybrid with breakthrough cannabinoid Grow Difficulty: Easy Plant Odor: Fruity Smoke Flavor: Smooth, sweet and berry

Thank goodness for research and newly discovered cannabinoids. Instead of you toking and getting the munchies this uplifting, racy, speed like high will have you running around being productive and burning calories, and it suprresses your appetite for those who have just quit smoking and need some help with the oral fixation. So you can lose weight and get help to quit smoking all in one. The best results documented to date is from a customer who lost easily he claims, 30lbs in just 15 days. He said he smoked about 1/16 of a gram per day to attian these results. This trains very powerful so very little is needed. It grows very easily and clones even better. She finishes indoors in 60 days and outdoors by the 1st to mid october. She has a fruity exotic taste, and order is minimal for such a fine bouquet while lit.
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