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Universe God Bud

Universe God Bud

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Universe God Bud

Flowers Faster than BC God Bud, Has More Crystals, tastes sweeter and way stronger stone. This pot is strong, I mean really, really strong. You've been warned. GREAT COMMERCIAL crop, huge, huge, huge dense buds. This promotion is amazing and was meant for new customers only during the new Spring grow will only be on sale until mid-April, then it goes back to $140. It's our number 1 seller and we wanted to promote it for the spring grow season.. but we are almost sold out, so get them while you can.

Fowering 52-58 Days
Harvest Mid October
Smell Med
Skill Level Easy to grow for begginer
THC Level THL level too High to measure
Indoors / Outdoors Indoors / Outdoors
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