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Twilight All Female

Twilight All Female

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Twilight ®
A beautiful purple variety with high yields and Afghan taste. Heavy buds and high. 100% Indica.
flowering period: 7 - 8 weeks
harvest time outdoor: end of Sept., 1st week of Oct.
One of the sturdiest strains for the great outdoors
Genetic background and history
One of the strong points of Dutch Passion is the seed bank's wide selection of purple outdoor strains, no other seed bank offers so many high-quality purple varieties. The full-blooded indica Twilight (100% Afghan) is another highlight in this category. Its roots reach back to the early eighties. At that time, Henk van Dalen got his hands on some imported Purple Afghan seeds and made a good breeding selection, also acclimatising them to the local conditions. The resulting variety Twilight was and is one of the world's sturdiest commercial outdoor strains. Its purple colouration can become intensely dark, especially when the nights are continuously cold in the last weeks of flowering. Twilight is expected to finish at the end of September or in the first week of October, yielding a lot of fat purple indica buds.
Cultivation test
The German Freak Brothers grew a female Twilight plant (from seed) in their 20 m2 greenhouse in 1999. It performed very well in the vegetative stage, producing a lot of typically dark green and broad indica leafs. Its growth pattern was like a christmas tree, and also in its dimensions, this Twilight plant reminded of a medium-sized christmas tree, reaching a height of 2.5 meters in the end. The flowers were beautifully purple and resinous, building many large top and side colas. In contrast to some other varieties in the greenhouse, Twilight proved to be mold-resistant. At the end of September, it was time to harvest the plant. It yielded just under 400 grams. The buds smelled intensely spicy and basically gave that typical Afghan taste, complemented by a somewhat rough purple aroma. This outdoor flavour was a very welcome naturally tasting alternative to indoor buds. The turn was as Afghan-like as expected, mainly effecting a strong body high, very physically relaxing and long-lasting.
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