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Tropical Fruit marijuana seeds

Tropical Fruit marijuana seeds

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Tropical Fruit is another ground breaking marijuana strain from Cropi-Canna Fruit Feminized Seed Collection. This time the strain is enchanted with undertones exotic taste of banana, apple and mango, lifted with overtones of grape, pineapple and coconut; a true cocktail of pleasure!

Like most of the Cropi-Canna range, Tropical Fruit marijuana creates a light, uplifting and cerebral high, not too heavy and extremely pleasant. It won’t leave you stuck in your armchair debating in your mind’s eye the end of history, or illuminate your consciousness to the realisation that we are all God but God without the knowledge and knowing of our true potential; however, rather gives you clarity of sight and focus as if to free your intellect to pursue whatever it is you like to pursue, or more importantly, whatever it is you want to pursue :). This marijuana strain is truly regal and diplomatic and bred to be a large producer of possibly sweetest and the most flavoursome buds in the world.

Tropical Fruit feminized is specially bred to be a heavy weight. It makes growing her seeds even easier - even a beginner can do it. A heavy yield is almost always guaranteed.

Being mostly sativa, Cropi-Canna feminized seed of Tropical Fruit is early maturing, fast flowering (8 weeks) and maximum yielding up to extraordinary 1000 gr per m2 when grown indoors. When grown outdoor, the harvest month is September - October. A seed of this cannabis is 65% stable and produces a strong plant as high as 50 - 60 cm, completely covered with solid buds with long yellowish hairs. The frosted glands produced by the plants deliver the fresh, tasty, fruit flavoured buds of ever so moreish delight and pleasure!
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