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Triplenode marijuana seeds

Triplenode marijuana seeds

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New genetics that are being introduced to the world. Triplenode grows with triple nodes on each nodular intersection from seedling. These genetics have been selectively bred to enhance this new mutation into the next generation. Triple nodular growth will result in much denser bud production and more budding sites. 50% more bud. 50% more hash. 50% more oil. 50% more rope or fibres. Very rare genetics and never seen before. As rare as the main attraction in every zoo around the world (white panda, albino Tiger etc..). Genetically enginered and modified naturally without any chemicals. Increase your profits 50% more. Works great in "Scrog" (screen of green). Fills up the screen very well. More "scrog" less plants ! This batch of seeds came from a seedling mother with 12 triplenodes high, from germination. Blew me away, as I was very impressed that the growing pattern continued up to the 12th node. The Triplenode is a very thirsty plant that loves wet roots which would be great for "flood tables" as well, due to the plants ability to absorb an unbelievable amount of water through its root system. Latest evolution of pot domestication (year 2006). First topping will result in triple the tops, more than what we are all used to.

Growing tip: Top seedling after last triplenode (5-12th node).
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