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Tree of Life feminized

Tree of Life feminized

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Northern Lights and Haze genetics. Grows to a medium height with excellent yield & dense long buds. Medium to low odor, ideal for the indoor grower without odour control. The toke is smooth with a hint of lemon and an uplifting buzz that won't send you to sleep. A great choice for the day tripper.

Eating the abundance of fruit from this mystical tree will leave you completely starkers, pondering the true and only meaning of existence. Once bitten forever smitten, allowing you to see through the eyes of the almighty.


10 seeds

56 days


Customer Review:
Doggies Nuts - Tree of Life Seeds are the business! This variety of Cannabis is another brilliant Northern Lights X Haze! This Cannabis is ideal for growing indoors, & has a superb crop of compact Buds. Tree of LIfe has refreshing taste & gives Esoteric High. Cool Bud! Thanks a lot
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