Time Bomb

Time Bomb

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TIMEBOMB (Texeda TimeWarp X Blueberry)

The Texeda Timewarp is a infamous West Coast lady. Every fall the West Coast is blessed with this spicy outdoor monster that has been cultivated for over 20 years. The particular clone that was used in this cross is one that an old bushman has been using for 15+ years. She will easily take over any garden as she has an explosive growth rate that makes her more of a hedge than a plant. We decided to hit her with the DJ Short selected Blueberry male in order to shorten her flowering time down, so that it might be possible to bring in earlier than mid October. Expect a lot of variation-keep in mind the shorter squat selections might be the one to look for! These are strictly for outdoor, as the buds on this girl need a lot of light to tighten up. These are untested, so you let us know what you think!

Yield-potentially huge
Flowering Time-mid to late September
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