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Thai Fantasy marijuana seeds

Thai Fantasy marijuana seeds

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Kannabai Seeds Thai Fantasy marijuana is a fantasy brought into real life by Kannabia breeders. They created a new feminized seed by crossing a Super Thai marijuana with a Mazar strain. Both are winners of High Times Cup and Highlife cannabis rewards so no surprise that the new strain showed the highest characteristics of the both parents and quickly became favourite between cannabis smokers.
Thai Fantasy is a fast flowering mostly sativa marijuana variety, looking and behaving like an indica, and hitting you like a sativa. Her feminized cannabis seeds produce manageable sized plants with narrow light green silky leaves which leave enough space for compact buds to grow and develop. Thai Fantasy represents an old school sativa nutty flavours and aromas - hazelnuts, cashew, etc. The hybridisation reduced the time of flowering down to 9 weeks and increased the production up to medium-high.(350 gr./m2 indoors and up to 450 gr./m2 outdoors); buds are more compact and resinous, THC content is 15%, enough to give you a very cerebral and challenging kick.

Kannabia feminized seeds are hand selected and perform well both indoors and outdoors, with 80% seed germination. Thai Fantasy marijuana inherited her parents high resistance to mushrooms and mould; a great yield is almost always guaranteed. This variety is happy to grow in a group of greens, yet, it doesn't mind at all to be potted as an individual plant. As both parents of this cannabis strain are very consistent, the offspring is very consistent too. If you live in a country with warm climate, you can definitely try it outdoors.
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