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Syrup marijuana seeds

Syrup marijuana seeds

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Syrup marijuana seed was a delight to both grow and toke. I’d would for sure grow these autoflowering marijuana seeds out again. Instead of chopping leaves, I’d pull the branches out and go for one main cola rather than too much side branching. A great sea of green plant. Very easy to grow. Of all my autoflowering weed seeds I planted this one was by the far my easiest. Didn’t require much effort. Sticky resin would just pour out the joint like syrup on pancakes. It was unreal how resinous this marijuana strain was. Unbelievable resinous. The joint was a mess when completed.

Autoflowering Marijuana

The smoke was dense, foggy and heavy. Buddha Seeds bragged in their catalog you could chew the smoke and they’re correct. Believe their hype. A pure pain relieving indica with nothing but bullet time slowiness. The effects are nearly narcotic. You got some minor pain problems this is the strain for you. This isn’t for daytime toke or for people who are doing the sativa thing. Bred from a fine selection of indicas – you can tell by both its growth and bud structure this is a classic indica. Had awesome bud weight when complete. Dropping the grow room temperature in the final week will produce some beautiful purple coloring.
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