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Sweetest Cindy99 cannabi seeds

Sweetest Cindy99 cannabi seeds

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Sweetest Cindy99 marijuana seeds

Breeder: Dutchgrown Seeds
Posted By: Dutchgrown on 03-20-2011
Genotype: mostly indica
Flowering Time: 56 days
Grow Location: Indoor
Sea of Green? Yes
Sex Characteristics: Female or Male
Stature: Medium to med-large tree, branches nicely
Yield: Heavy
Odor: Sweet fruity candy
Taste: Sweet fruity
Buzz: Fast onset, both cerebral and body
Grow Info: INCREDIBLY easy to grow. During late flower, the Swt3 dominant phenotype should be finished in a low humidity environment due to the massively dense and long, large resinous colas.

A Classic hybrid, brought back bigger, stronger, and faster than ever. A recombination of SOL’s Classic Sweet Tooth #3 and the legendary Brothers Grimm’s Cinderella 99, Sweetest Cindy finishes in about 56 days and will fill your room with fruity buds and massive colas the size of baseball bats. Anybody, from new grower to expert, can achieve stellar results with Sweetest Cindy99, it’s an incredibly easy plant to grow. Flower time: approximately 56 days
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