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Sweet OG Kush seeds

Sweet OG Kush seeds

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Sweet OG Kush combines the best features of both parents - ORIGINAL OG Kush mother (the very first version of OG Kush) and Bodhi's Afgooey x Double Purple Doja father. On one hand, she shows the sativa resin production; on the other hand – fast flowering and HEAVY pollen indica development.

Like any other marijuana seeds, Sweet OG Kush is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. Mostly sativa, they are yet take just 8-10 weeks of flowering to produces marijuana with strong uplifting high to bring any sativa lover to their knees. Limited price while being tested.

Genetics:Original OG Kush x (Afgooey x Double Purple Doja)


8-10 weeks


Sativa uplifting
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