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Sweet 105 marijuana seeds

Sweet 105 marijuana seeds

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Location: indoor, outdoor; Type: ruderalis/indica/sativa; Flowering: ~105 days; Normal or female seeds.

Sweet 105 is the ultimate "stealth" plant. Developed to eliminate the worry of police helicopter sweeps in the Fall and to thwart pot thieves.

After years of development, an autoflower plant potent enough and with enough yield to make our strain list. A radical new plant that grows tasty resinous buds from start to finish in 100 to 105 days, indoors or out.

Short- season auto- flowering plants like Lowryder, were low- yielding and lacked any real potency; what little potency there was, when smoked, lasted only for a short time; about 20 minutes to half an hour. Not so with Sweet 105. You get good yield with excellent potency and a buzz that lasts for about four hours, like it should.

Outdoor: Sweet 105 can be planted directly in the ground any time after the last spring frost, or started in
a cold frame, greenhouse or under lights to be set outside when danger from frost is past. For maximum outdoor yields, Sweet 105 should be started the last week of February or first week of March, so peak flowering occurs during the longest days of the year; early to mid June, with harvest in late June to early July. You can start later, or do multiple crops, so long as they are timed to finish before your first "killing" frost in the Fall.

Potency: Excellent
Bouquet: Pine
Taste: Hashy
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