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Super Haze all female

Super Haze all female

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Super Haze ®
1st price "High Times Cup" 1992
This variety made Dutch Passion the “High Times Cannabis Cup” winner in 1992. Formerly this strain was called “Haze/Skunk". Still one of the best for the Dutch Passion team. Originally Haze is a pure Sativa strain. It is crossed with Skunk#1 to get a bigger yield and a shorter flowering period. Truly superior sweet Haze aroma. The high is incredibly clear and "up energy". A very favorite strain from our collection. Very high yield for an almost 100% Sativa variety.
THC: 11.9%

flowering period: 9 - 10 weeks
harvest time outdoor: 1st week of Nov.

Genetic background and history

Once again in this series it's time for an extra classic cannabis strain. Super Haze from Dutch Passion (formerly called "Haze/Skunk"), winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup 1992 for Homegrown Fantasy, surely belongs to the hall of fame of cannabis strains, having its firm place in the section "Finest traditional Amsterdam gene pool". Back in 1992, solely coffee shops could take part in the cup competition, that's why Dutch Passion's Haze/Skunk was entered by Homegrown Fantasy at that time. Okay, Henk van Dalen didn't really reinvent the wheel when he crossed Haze with Skunk #1 at the beginning of the ninetees, both strains were already well-known and widespread in Holland, partly building the genetic background for many varieties. But his creation Haze/Skunk, renamed as "Super Haze" in 1997, was a specimen of superior parental genetics, exhibiting a big hybrid vigor effect and representing a perfect fusion of these two classical parents, with the much sought-after legendary Haze taste and high being well preserved in this hybrid. And also the most desirable property of the other parent was bequeathed to Super Haze: It has inherited the large harvest potential from Skunk #1, producing tight fat buds. Apart from that, the breeder succeeded in shortening the Haze's super long flowering time considerably down, Super Haze is expected to ripen within 10-12 weeks of blooming, thanks to the tempering influence of the fast-finishing Skunk #1. He also managed to get the Haze's problematic height under control, Super Haze plants reach a moderate height of up to 1,20 m (grown from seed) in regular cultivation cycles.
Cultivation test
In the year of 2000, I made a Super Haze cultivation test together with the "Pot Professors", two German horticulture students with a suitable hobby. They sowed five Super Haze seeds and got a 100% germination rate. The seedlings were transplanted to 10 litre pots with soil mixture and placed into a self-made 1 m2 grow-box under 400 W HPS, together with 15 plants of other varieties. In the beginning, they stretched a bit, but this was normal, due to the HPS light. 4.5 weeks after germination, the Pot Professors changed the light cycle from 18 to 12 hours, and about one week later, they identified three female Super Haze plants. They had grown remarkably homogeneously, measuring 65-75 cm, having a thick stem with quite moderate side-branching. During flowering the plants continued to grow to height, finally reaching 100-115 cm in a christmas tree-style. Bud formation was heavy, with dense clusters of beautiful long white hairs, few leaves and a respectable resin content, yielding about 30 grams per plant. The Super Hazes had long main colas and really smelled like Haze. When it came to smoking the dry buds, the high expectations were fulfilled: Super Haze delivered a fine energetic sativa turn, chrystally clear, floating and long-lasting. And also its taste effected a broad smile on our faces, very hazey and delicious.
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