Sundae Driver 10 pack of seeds

Sundae Driver 10 pack of seeds

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Cherry Pie Cannabis Strain

Cherry Pie marijuana strain is a 70 Indica/30 Sativa hybrid also known as Cherry Kush. The onset is very Sativa like , clear headed, positive and cerebral followed by physical relaxation driven by Indica genetics. The Cherry Pie buds are dark purple -green in color, thick and resinous. This marijuana is very potent, with THC levels of up to 25%, she is not the best choice for beginners. Cherry Pie marijuana is good for evening time use due to sedative effect.
Type of High
Cherry Pie marijuana strain induces cerebral euphoria and strong body buzz. Controls pain and nausea, prompts deep relaxation, couchlock. Uplifts mood, relieves stress, stimulates appetite. May cause intraocular pressure and numbing body sensation.
Cherry Pie cannabis strain is a cross between Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple.
Average Cannabinoid Composition

16.00/25.00% THC 0.03/0.68% CBD 0.01/0.04% CBN
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