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strawberry kush marijuana seeds

strawberry kush marijuana seeds

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Strawberry kush marijuana seeds

Strain Type: Mostly Sativa Strain Lineage: Unknown
Medicinal Uses: Day-Time Pain, Nausea, Appetite, MS, Depression, PTSD, ADD, Glaucoma, Migraines, Gastrointestinal Issues, AIDS, Cancer, Epilepsy, Alcoholism, Arthritis, Anorexia.
PCC Report:

If you’re familiar with my other reviews, or just familiar with medical marijuana in general, then it will come as no surprise when I say that misnomers are in abundance. If you’ve never realized this, fear not; equipped with knowledge, instead of names, you will be better suited to find a strain that will work best for you. Strains receive different names for many different reasons, not always as a reference or guide to their effect. Some are named for color, some for smell, and in this week’s case their strong potency. For this review I get a chance to look at one of my very favorite Sativa’s: Strawberry Kush.

I needed to preface this week’s review, because within the medical marijuana community “kush” is typically a term used to refer to indica’s whose genetic origins are within the Kush mountain range. It’s also been wrongly used to identify “OG Kush”, which in fact has no known Kush genetics in it’s makeup, but merely had a similar bud formation to the traditional Kush, hence the name. What this all means ,is that to my palate, Strawberry Kush has little in common with any other KushI have had, and was probably named based on it’s presumed potency.

At a glance, Strawberry Kush has a great familiarity with other sativas. The bud structure has more spacing, giving it a less compact look, really filling out the bag. The pistils have receded quite a bit less than on an Indica, instead surrounding the bud and giving it that furry look. The color of the pistils varies from orange to pink, giving the overall bud an orangey-hue. The bud itself is a key-lime color with shadings of amber. Like most sativas though, its scent is what really makes it stand out.

Strawberry Kush - Sativa - PCC

Upon first whiff, many peoples reaction is to draw their nose away. Strawberry Kush indeed has quite an odiferous character. My senses are nearly over-saturated with the aroma of pine and citrus, but as I exhale I detect a much sweeter, almost warmer, hint of what I would most closely relate to…strawberries. Where I may be unable to detect the ‘kush’ aspect of Strawberry Kush, the ‘strawberry’ seems to be quite noticeable. Nothing could make me more excited to give it a sampling.

As I mentioned earlier, Strawberry Kush has been one of my personal favorite sativas for quite some time. For this reason I am well aware of what to expect from this sample, and choose to enjoy it right before work. After rolling up a joint, I sample it’s dry pull and am pleased by how much the strawberry flavor has increased. Unable to wait, my first couple of drags reward me with a lip-smacking combination of citrus and strawberry. As usual, I found the flavor continued to develop into a thicker, sweeter smoke nearing the middle and end of the joint.

The effect is near immediate, an enhancing of just about every sense: colors are more vibrant, textures more complex, and sounds and smells more titillating. With this also came an alertness and a pro-activity, which in my case spurred me to start my day. I find Strawberry Kush to be one of the most effective day-time medications;it provides energy and motivation, coupled with an uplifting sensation which helps banish depression, making it an ideal pairing for anyone with those gloomy mornings.
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