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Starbud Hortilab cannabis seeds

Starbud Hortilab cannabis seeds

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Starbud is a clone selected by us from a seed line we recieved from a private grower from the mid west USA. The exact make up is a mystery.

After having grown out 100s of seeds and clones from the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Canada and also the USA (and a few other countries as well) we knew the "Starbud" is a winner.
This was confirmed by the judges at the 420 Cup as well as the judges from the "Berkley Patients Group" at the 22nd HTCC.

Personally I would describe the taste of the Starbud as a bit hashy, the smell as a more subtle sweet dankness which still reeks and has that "wow" effect for most people who get a whiff.

Please be aware that the person we received the "seedline" from, by NO means is a private breeder but a private grower who has been supplying himself and a small group of friends for a long time.

An accidental pollination from an overlooked male in his room (actually a modified shipping container), resulted in the seeds, we received and selected the "Starbud" from.

this version is not the newest version of starbud an older version is currently available. If you want the newest version go somewhere else.
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