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Apollo-13 X Sputnik 1.0
So now we had a purple potent plant(Sputnik 1.0) with about 50% traits from each parent. Breeding a Sputnik 1.0 male with his mom(A-13) gives this offspring 25% more of the mother plants genetics. This makes Sputnik 2.0 a P-75 or carrying 75% of the mothers traits Do not confuse this strain with Sputnik 1.0, the chances of a purple phenotype are much less but the potency of Apollo is apparent in this strain. Coloring is still present in the hybrid but we think of it as gravy. What your getting here is over a year of tracking and testing combined in seed form, and as close as you will get to A-13 until we complete the cube. One grower got 13 ounces of dried cured buds from an outdoor SP2 and says it’s his best stash to date. I always hated the fact that only 500 A-13 seeds were ever made and a simple f2 would not be justice to this incredible strain so we took the longer road and did our best to honor its legacy.

1) Phenotypes -Very stable hybrid lime green with pink to purple pistils late outdoors
2) Height- Medium to tall with classic tree shape
3) Yield-Medium to good
4) Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
5) Best way to grow-Outdoors like a tree indoors topped early and vegged to 24”
6) Harvest Window-8 weeks
7) Sativa/Indica 72/25
8) Hybrid- Genius X P75 X Genius X P75 X Blackberry X Ak-47
9) High type- Intense, visual, increased pulse, mind altering, trippy
10) Smells tangy, pungent, rotting fruit, berry/ Taste like tangy fruit/ tart
11) We should have named it Apollo bx ,people get the two strains confused Doh!
Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
Breeder: TGA
Gardening Style: Organic
Medical Uses: The strain is kinda entence for medical use IMO it can envoke paranioa and anxiety for pro smokers only
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