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Speed Queen marijuana seeds

Speed Queen marijuana seeds

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Speed Queen marijuana seeds


mostly indica
Contains landrace genetics from:

Himachal Pradesh, North India



The “surfers” choice - a stimulating, and balanced indica buzz that does not put you to sleep. Pleasantly relaxing yet leaves plenty of energy for social activities and is a great daytime grass. No nervous side-effects (racy heart, etc.); suitable for regular med users.

Skunky-pungent; fruity-citrus.
Medical use:

Speed Queen can assist in chronic inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatism and athritis, and with sleep disorders. Beneficial against anxiety and depression. This strain can be used for a variety of other medical uses as well.

Flowing Time Outdoors
Flowering time outdoor:

September (south); mid October (north)
Flowering Time Indoors
Flowering time indoor:

55 days
Recommended Light Intensity
Recommended light intensity:

150-600W HPS/m2
Yield (dry weight)
Yield (dry weight):

400-450 gr/m2; 600-800 gr per plant outdoor in the ground.
Plant Height
Plant Height:


Detailed Description:


Speed Queen is a stocky and tough indica with a thick main stem (green or with distinct scarlet coloring) and fleshy leaves. She carries compact and resiny buds that have great “bag appeal” after drying. One phenotype has the delicious aroma of orange and citrus. The other mixes this freshness with a more pungent/skunky note. This indica will fit well into grow spaces where shorter plants are required. To a large extent the bud leaves are covered in THC glands, but harvesting is a quick operation since all buds remain nice and chunky.

Speed Queen is not finicky or difficult to grow. For optimal growth (for all our strains) we recommend that you read our FERTILIZING SMART GUIDE. Mandala strains utilize nutrients very efficiently and grow well with low levels of feeding on quality soil. Due to her vigor and quick flowering time this strain is perfect for novice gardeners and SOG cultivation that aims for maximum number of crops per year.
Product Features

short, compact plant perfect for small spaces
suitable for balcony/outdoor in the north
short flowering time
easy to grow
suitable for low-light cultivation

Product History

Featured in Ed Rosenthal's Marijuana Grower's Handbook

MJ Growers Handbook

Featured in Big Book of Buds 3
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