space time buds 10 pack of cannabis seeds

space time buds 10 pack of cannabis seeds

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Space Time Bud will twist your brain into an infinite loops around space time at warp speed. If you’re a fan of Time Warp Bud, we’ve bred a completely new strain that doesn’t come in waves. It’s your first toke, and then time completely goes berserk instantly. With most time warp bud, you toke it, and then time becomes warped in waves, like the first toke, not much happens, then 10 minutes later time gets warped, then another 10 minutes later it warps again, and during each warp, you trip into another portal, jumping through black holes and time travelling to foreign galaxies having the trip of your life and sharing the experience with your closest friends.

With our newest research and development working on specific Cannabinoids, we’ve created Space Time Bud, it sends you’re mind and you’re sense of time into outer space, billions of light years away. Our proprietary space-time continuum buzz adds a 4th dimension inside your head and you’ll be time travelling in space, from black hole to black-hole enjoying the most amazing trip imaginable.
Space Time Bud Amazing Vivid Trip
Space Time Bud Beta testers told the most amazing and vivid stories of their trips. I don’t want to spoil your trip, so I won’t share the details, but 91% of beta testers reported the same story in great detail. Most came down from their trip 16 hours after a single toke. You won’t need much to blast off for a double shift in outer space, mingling with Aliens and visiting other planets.
Space Time Bud Best Shared Voyage Ever
Best enjoyed with friends. Group toking reported them enjoying a shared voyage into the unknown. You’ll be bonded for life as deep space explorations.
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