Space Queen

Space Queen

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Space Queen F2)
Dank DairyCertified

This cross was created out of a demand for this amazing lost strain. Selecting the best female based on yield, potency, taste, and buzz we crossed out best Phenotype C with our proven Male Space Queen. Vic High has long been a mentor and I have always been a huge fan of Killer Queen, I never started these cause I wasn’t a fan of Romberry
I had these seeds stashed so long I wasn’t sure they would even germinate. I was surprised how much better the cross tasted than my favorite Apollo-13. Tasting and smelling of candy, mangos and dried fruit she is Jill’s daily smoke. This strain has been distributed freely and the feed back on it is amazing, reports from both indoors and out make this second hand cross a main line TGA strain.

1) Phenotypes-Medium variation Leaning from C99 to Romulan
2) Height- Thin and lanky unless topped
3) Yield- Medium
4) Indoor/ Outdoor
5) Best Way to Grow- Needs canopy management like Scrog or lots of support stakes
6) Harvest Window-50-60 days
7) Sativa/ Indica 70/30
8) F2 Recreation of one of the best tasting strains using a year to select parents
9)High type- Speedy, trippy, intense, paranoid , motivating, pain relief
10) Taste like sour semi rotting fruit or mangos like sour candy worms
11) Jill and My favorite smoke
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Breeder: TGA
Gardening Style: Organic
Medical Uses: Chronic Pain Mood enhancement
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