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space crush marijuana seeds

space crush marijuana seeds

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Space Crush Lineage:
Apollo13 x Grape Crush (Quimik's)

BCGAs Pink Grapefruit Cocktail x BCGAs Orange Crush

OC = alerics cali-O x DJShort blueberry
PGC = sweet pink grapefruit x C99

Space Crush Finish Time: 9 weeks

Space Crush is lovely Indica dominate medicine. Very smooth and soft tasting yet delicious. It's great for muscle spasms due to it's relaxing effect. Also makes for and excellent muscle relaxer and pain reliever. Exceptional for night time pain as it also helps sleep.
Space Crush exhibits a low leaf to flower ratio which was an expected outcome from crossing the two lines. Although you don't get a whole bunch, Space Crush trim makes for excellent medibles.

Space Crush seeds produce some nice plants but there are too many unstable plants to consider a release. We did find some nice stable plants in this cross which gives us hope for our feature workings with our Cosmic Crush which is Apollo13 x Space Crush.

If you have a Space Crush clone you should know that it is the only one ever released and has never hermied or shown any signs of instability. As shown in the picture above it is necessary to stake Space Crush due to it's large dense buds and somewhat weak structure.

The structure does offer an advantage in that the overall yield has a low stem weight to flower weight ratio. The stalks and branches may flex quite a bit but your patients will appreciate the thinner stems and extra medicine.

Space Crush isn't real fast in veg and doesn't stretch much in flower at all. We like to flower SC at around 1.5 feet to get a plant that finishes around 2.5 feet. You can expect to harvest 1.25 - 1.5 ounces per plant at that height.
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