Sour Moonrocks marijuana seeds 10 pack

Sour Moonrocks marijuana seeds 10 pack

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The high from this delicacy is strong and multi-dimensional. Those lucky enough to have tried it report a strong cerebral edge, thanks to Sour Diesel’s predominantly sativa genetics. The addition of hash oil and kief, however, lend a palpable body high as well, liable to keep smokers pinned in place while still mentally engaged. Sour Moonrocks is of use to both recreational and medical users, thanks to its combination of mental and physical effects. It can be a mind-expanding and psychedelic experience, as well as a numbing and therapeutic high.

Truly the ‘turducken’ of cannabis products, Sour Moonrocks offers both visual interest and dynamic effects.
THC Content - 59.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa

Sour Moonrocks Highest Test

Sour Moonrocks Average

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