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Sour Diesel Haze marijuana seeds

Sour Diesel Haze marijuana seeds

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Sour Diesel Haze is a cross of the well known strain Sour Diesel and autoflowering Haze.
The Sour Diesel Haze got its Autoflowering traits from the autoflowering Haze.
Auto haze was here the strongest auto flowering variety up until now! adding the Sour Diesel has created a hybrid beyond any auto flowering variety we have ever tried, this strain surpasses them all!
This highly selected cross has been selected over 4 generations under 24 hour continuous light!.
it is above all auto's on yield, its yield potential is enormous for an autoflowering plant. its potency is unreal when dry it has a fresh lemon herby earth smell
when smoked it has a fantastic petrolly/diesel soft earth herb taste, with a touch of haze to it
This strain will give very high grade quality marijuana in the summer outdoor season, we guarantee satisfaction
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