sky heaven 10 pack of cannabis seeds

sky heaven 10 pack of cannabis seeds

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Sky Heaven Bud was made so that if you want to communicate directly to God, you can skip over Praying, and just fly to Heaven and met him directly. They say no human can see God, but you won’t be human anymore. Sky Heaven Bud will release your soul and you can meet God when your new form is light and energy. Such an unexplainable absorption of happiness will enter your new form. If you’re too scared to travel alone, bring a friend or bring a group, you can all meet him together.

Sky Heaven Buds Creation
We really worked hard to breed this genetically modified strain to tap into the parts of your brain to reach the big man upstairs and for you to feel extreme ecstasy.
Sky Heaven Smoke Report
After you consume Sky Heaven Bud, you’ll being in a dream like state for at least 18 hours. You’ll have such strong feelings of euphoria, you won’t be sure if you’re alive or dead because the extreme uplifting high won’t seem humanly possible to achieve, you’ll think you must of died and gone to heaven. You’ll never have a bad experience like visiting Hell or having a bad trip. All reports are consistent, and meeting God will always be a life changing and uplifting experience for you.
Under the Influence of Sky Heaven Bud
While under the influence of Sky Heaven Bud, you will feel like you are still yourself but you have turned into an Angel or some form of Energy Being, or maybe you always were, and your Energy Being or soul was just inside a human form. You’ll have such a wonderful feeling of well-being, and connectivity with your fellow Angels/Energy Beings, you’ll be very pleasant to be around. It’s a “do good” buzz, you’ll feel the urge and energy to help anyone around you. After you inhale about five medium sized tokes, you look up into the skies and you’ll see a fracture appear, up high into space. Next God will take Earth into the palm of his hand and throw Earth towards the fracture in Space, and Earth is thrown at speeds a lot faster than a baseball flying at 100 miles per hour, we’re talking about trillions of times faster than the speed of light, that’s why you’ll feel time slow to a grind, you’ll look to your left and and right and you’ll see yourself on Earth fly past Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and you with Earth will simply pass right through the middle of Neptune without a scratch, like radio waves passing through matter.
Sky Heaven Lets Your Soul Travel Faster Than Light
It will be like you’ll turn into light energy, but in human form, like a hologram, going into the vastness, travelling through the Cosmos. The fracture your magnetically attracted to first appeared small from Earth and it’s still small and far away from you now, you’ll travel trillions of light years away from where you started until you come closer to the fracture, and it will be emitting a bright gold and white light, brighter than any light you’ve ever experienced, but it won’t hurt your eyes. You’ll still be standing on Earth as you pass through the light, in through the fracture, and then on the other side you’ll still be standing on Earth, but you won’t feel gravity any longer. The Earth is no longer round, it’s flat and endless in Sky Heaven #1.
Sky Heaven Lets You Meet With God
The temperature looks warm, but you won’t feel hot or cold any longer. You’ll no longer sweat, nor feel chills. The thought of returning back to life and the real world frights you deeply because now you have a feeling of deep peace and happiness that is unimaginable in real life because all bad vibrations no longer exist in heaven. They’re forbidden by God to enter. God starts to speak to you, you hear him inside of you, and he fills you internally with ultimate happiness. Then you’re instantly filled with limitless knowledge , including knowledge of music and art, not just academia. You communicate to God all your questions and concerns and he answers everything beyond your expectations. If you have unfinished business back on Earth, you’ll gently be returned the way you came, back through the fracture, surfing the Cosmos on Earth, as you both travel back to your Galaxy, unharmed and filled with bliss and energy.
Sky Heaven Bud Journey
The more journeys you take into Sky Heaven, the more changes you’ll notice. Your first visit, it appears just like earth today, except that its not longer a ball, it was flat and endless. Your next journeys will open up more nature, architecture and buildings with spires and onion domes made of gold and jewels, amphitheatres and temples on mountain tops looking down onto the clouds, and the cities will become surrounded by more nature included treed mountains and lush valleys growing Cannabis and waterfalls with fish swimming up the falls. You’ll laze in a Sun that doesn’t burn and swim in lakes that don’t feel hot or cold. The best part about smoking Sky Heaven is that you should do it in a group. You’ll all share the same experience together forming a bond of lifetime… actually, a bond for eternity. I can’t think of a better experience. I think you’ll find this cannabis is very addictive beholding so many answers and the best feelings imaginable. Once you try her, you’ll only dream to have her again. You won’t be able to desire anything as much as you desire Sky Heaven Bud and your experiences while under her influence.
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