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Silver Surfer marijuana seeds

Silver Surfer marijuana seeds

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Expertly grown, this soaring spacy sativa has some wonderful couch lock properties too. Silver Surfer is more uplifting than pain relieving. Great weed for house cleaning, pilates, dancing and video gaming. Had some problems getting my creative flow going lately, but after volcano vaporizing some of this awesome strain I was ready to write a marijuana strain review. Also I wrote the Enjoy stash jar marijuana product review after vaporizing Silver Surfer. The buds broke up beautiful and produced a heavy bag of vapor, especially for a sativa dominate strain. Its indica side is a creeper. Instead of a crashing after zipping amongst the clouds like Mario, you’re gently brought down to earth.

Silver Surfer Medicinal Marijuana

Silver Surfer had this wonderful earthy scent to it with spicy overtones. Highly unique marijuana smell! The fantastically grown buds broke up beautifully releasing a soft smell not overpowering or pungent. As Sadie Sea would say, it smelled like the earth. The person who grew this strain was clearly listening to their plants. A few twists of my Storz and Bickels orange grinder turned nugs into a fine green powder.
The buds were frosty, but not glistening. They were exceedingly well developed with beautiful trichrome red hairs. These soft delicate pieces were protected by solid bud development. Very solid development! This is an excellent medicinal marijuana strain. It’s an ideal strain suitable for light pain days when you want to get something done. Stoners who love sativa will dig Silver Surfer.
7-9 weeks
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