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shark attack

shark attack

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This variety of East Indian dominent, is important mainly for 3 reasons, the white resin layer that produce, the medicinal effect, the intense thanks to its high content in CBD, and aroma and flavor of East Indian. The body relaxes and the muscles of very remarkable form, like the hashish, and their effects are powerful and pleasant. It is of contained growth, one does not become very high, and the internodal distance is low, with this variety is easy to control the size. The leaves are wide, short, and very dark, and smell of East Indian only with clearing them. When rubbing the stem, leaves an aroma intense, that is a prelude of the strong scent, bittersweet, that will produce the flowers. It is of average production, and it needs 55 days to finish maturing completely, of which last the 5 are advisable that this in the total dark, to stimulate the aroma production and draws resin from. The buds are white, they smell very hard, and the smoke when smoking it is dense and pleasant. Days of flowering to 12 hours: 50-55. Harvest in outside: Until the 10 of October. THC: High. (12% - 16%). CBD: High. Production: Average. Height in outside: Up to 2.5 meters. Composition: Indicate, with clear dominancie Indica. Genotype: SuperSkunk x White Widow.
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