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Sex Pistol marijuana seeds

Sex Pistol marijuana seeds

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Sex Pistol is a new marijuana hybrid specially created for everyone who longs for heavy indica power. This cannabis strain combines the best sativa qualities of the Lemon AK47 phenotype with the killing effects and dense indica growing characteristics of Sour Bubble BX3.

Being indica dominant, marijuana seeds of Sex Pistol are easy to grow; they quickly sprout and deliver strong seedlings. Like any other Riot seed, Sex Pistol is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation and show excellent results when grown in greenhouses. Some phenotypes retain the green nature of AK47 while some phenotypes have been seen to carry STRONG purple characteristics, especially when grown in colder climates or when there is a temperature change of over 10% at night. Growing Sex Pistol produce a lovely lemon bubblegum aroma so unusual for marijuana plants. They are mould resistant, have a short flowering period of just 7-8 weeks and are able to produce up to 450 gr. of the best quality marijuana.

Sour Bubble BX3 marijuana is known for its pain killing medical properties while the AK47 brings mental clarity and a feeling of well being, which can work to help those who suffer from anxiety.

Serious Seeds AK47(Lemon Phenotype) x BOG's Sour Bubble BX3

7-8 weeks


Heavy, "couch-lock
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