Royal Highness high cbd 10 pack

Royal Highness high cbd 10 pack

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Royal Highness gives a big F-You to deep couch-locking stones to bring you smooth smoke with extremely clear, uplifting highs that'll make you feel great. What else do you really need?
Royal Queen Seeds' Royal Highness is another high-CBD strain from this legendary breeder. This is exactly what keeps the high so frickin' clear and therapeutic. When you're looking for a true medicinal strain, don't let anyone talk you into a mind-numbing couch-locker.
Royal Highness = Respect #13 X Dance Hall
Up, Active Highs – Very Little Euphoria & No Stone
Royal Highness is a 60% Sativa
High CBD Levels for Extreme Clarity
Royal Highness Feminized is a Sativa-dominant marijuana seed with all the quality and clarity that comes from those genetics, but it looks just like a classic Indica. This easy-to-manage structure can get as tall as 100 cm and produce up to 90 grams per seed of smooth smoke in just 8 to 9 weeks of bloom.
The delectable flavour is sweet and slightly skunky while the tantalizing aroma mixes sweet fruit with classic haze and Skunk. Royal Highness is meant for the medicinal marijuana patient
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