Revolution marijuana seeds 10 pack

Revolution marijuana seeds 10 pack

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Revolution crossed two of the best varieties of marijuana for the purpose of obtaining a maximum ratio of plants CBD: THC close to 1: 1.

Female Dancehall used is # 24, analyzed with a ratio of 1: 1, and the male is the famous marijuana strain Kalijah, known to increase the level of CBD in regular varieties Reggae Seeds.

Revolution proposes a very stable hybrid, giving small plants with low fertilizer requirements, easy to grow, and a large proportion of individuals with a high level of CBD.

The buds are fat, dense, columnar, sour strawberry flavored and exotic fruits, with hints of damp undergrowth.

The effect of Revolution is clear and pleasant, ideal for medicinal use because of the high CBD level that limits the effects of THC.

The flowering of this plant is fast, about 7 or 8 weeks indoor growing and ready to harvest in early October outdoors.

The team is certainly Seeds Reggae Revolution is your solution! With Revolution one can feel better!

Hybrid: Dancehall # 24 X Kalijah
Genetics: Polyhybrido
Flowering indoor: 45-55 days
Outdoor Harvest: Early October
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