R2 marijuana seeds

R2 marijuana seeds

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R2 marijuana seed

A very unique-looking sample, it wasn’t readily apparent how high-level it was when looking at it from arm’s length because of the thick coverage of dull orange pistils. It almost even had a brownish cast to it, but we were still entranced by it somehow. The real magic happens when the bud is broken apart, revealing field after field of fat-headed, low-lying, and perfectly-preserved trichomes, which seem to have been shielded by the outer shell of pistils. While there were a couple of stray thin guard leaves that could’ve been removed, we really found no issue with this sample — the harvest timing showed patience, as plenty of deep amber (almost burgundy) trichomes were visible amongst the sparkling clear ones.

Aroma: (8.75/10) Pre-grind, this one was all citrus-pine Haze musk, with some backing sharpness that almost resembled garlic. Once it was ground, it took on a definite sweetness and a mentholated, fresh quality which brought to mind the Jack Herer side of the Haze spectrum. When we smell this one, it definitely makes us crinkle up our nose and/or make the “impressed face” almost involuntarily — it’s very pungent and distinct.

Taste: (7.25/10) The taste was very similar to the post-grind smell, but just not as pungent or lasting, and added a soil-tinged element which seemed to override some of the more appealing qualities. The initial flavor was dominated by the citrus-pine Haze qualities (again, Jack Herer came to mind), but the backing sweetness was also evident on the first hit, mostly fading away after that. Despite that, the flavor through the end of the sample size retained its appeal even after losing the initial tastes, never tasting bad or overtly harsh. This is an expansive smoke though and will make you cough if you’re not careful — the final ash was a medium gray with white flecks, indicating that the flush could’ve been more thorough.

Effects: A strong starter, this strain got on top of us immediately and sent the mind reeling, creating waves of pulsing energy throughout the body and filling the eyes and forehead with a pressure and slight heaviness. Our hearts all jumped up in activity, racing at times, but never making any of our staff uncomfortable (which is uncommon, as racy starts almost always bug someone). The very strong start came with some definite mental spaciness, but mostly because there were so many thoughts rattling around rather than any mental slowing. The initial effects were very strong, but changed somewhat quickly, taking on a more productive but singularly-focused quality which had time absolutely flying by for most of our staff. An interesting combination of mental energy/activity and body relaxation kept up throughout most of the experience. As with many energetic strains, the comedown was a little drowsy comparatively, but definitely not in the sleep-inducing realm.

Duration: 2 hours medicinal-level potency, 3+ hours overall duration

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY) Energy, strong aid with digestive issues and appetite stimulation, pain relief, and body relaxation.

Overall: While the intense start might be a little too much for inexperienced patients or those who suffer from severe anxiety, this strain was a rare combination of mental energy (racy at times early on) and consistent body relaxation. The initial potency was among the highest we’ve had in some time, almost reminding us of the early effects of earwax or other high-level extracts. That short-lived slam of potency receded into a productive but lightly spacey state where we felt at-ease the entire time. This was a very unique-looking strain and the other “bag appeal” areas were also very solid, bringing to mind other Haze-Afghani hybrids, but standing apart due to its potency and appearance. This is not a pre-bedtime med, but almost any other time would be appropriate, as it kept us mostly active yet relaxed and pain-free… best for intermediate-to-experienced patients.
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