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purple voodoo marijuana seeds

purple voodoo marijuana seeds

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Purple voodo seeds

Classification: Sativa-dominant
Growing Environment: Indoor/outdoor
Flowering Time: 8 - 9 weeks (indoor) or mid to late-October (outdoor)
Yield: Moderate
Medical Uses: Insomnia, nausea, anxiety, pain relief, migraines, arthritis, anorexia

Rating: This bud starts you off with flavors of grape punch, sour fruit, spice and wine, leaving you with a medicated effect that begins like a sativa and plateaus to more of an indica-dominant effect.

Its mother, Double Purple Doja, was bred a male cross of Purple Urkle and Purple Diesel in order to attain the potent strain we have today. Purple Voodoo will cast her spell over anyone who medicates with her. The huge, danky buds go great through a vaporizer or grape blunt wrap, with the high lasting around an hour-and-a-half. Many patients who suffer from such ailments as pain relief, glaucoma, insomnia, inflammation, eating disorders and more are fond of this powerful medication.

She prefers Mediterranean climates, being created in California, and is particularly sensitive to moulds and some pests. In an indoor environment, she thrives when she’s allowed to flower from various branches, although she can be grown using the sea of green technique. Once she starts flowering, her height will typically double, producing an above average yield at harvest. During maturity, she puts on a brilliant display of a deep purple, orange, dark-green and black color and gives off a most sweet and danky aroma. Purple Voodoo is a great addition to any garden and will produce dense, sticky buds with excellent bag and smoke appeal.
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