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Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle

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Lineage: Mendo Purps pheno
Family: Mostly Indica
Origin: North California
Region: Not Listed
Genotype: Not Listed
Indoor Maturation: 60 to 65 days
Outdoor Maturation: Not Listed
Sex Possibilities: Pure Female Clones
Stature: Bushy but slow
Yield: 4
Odor Level: 8
Odor Description: A skunk wearing perfume
Taste Level: 9
Taste Description: Always Grapey and fine

Claims that Purple Urkle is from Lavender seed stock are largely dispelled since Lavender is neither this consistant or this good. The flavor is exquisite, and blend of skunk, berries and grapes that seems to taste the same whenever you smoke it. No matter what grower it comes from the taste and effects are the same. A heavey Idica with smaller than normal yeild, barely a 1/2 lb from a 1000 watt light. She's bushy and vegs slowly. A good 8 week strain suitable for most medical uses. The high is a bit too strong for some and is reccommended at night time. The smoke is tastey, thick and pungent. It compares well with strains like Grand Daddy Purple and Grape Ape.

Flowering Time: 8 weeks
Breeder: Norcal Clone Only
Gardening Style: Slow vegging
Medical Uses: Many, very potent
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