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Purple Jems marijuana seeds

Purple Jems marijuana seeds

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The joint doctors 'Purple Jems'

A beautifully coloured new auto-flowering variety developed by underground breeder Mossy. Purple JEMS buds display a broad colour palette, ending with a stunning royal purple. A real pleasure to watch grow, these small plants produce large purple nuggets covered in a sticky layer of resin. The reward is a well-balanced stone that satisfies the palate and relaxes the body. Flavour is on the floral side with a hint of sweetness. Low ambient odour!

Type: stable autoflowering strain
Genetics: F7 Mazar x Lowryder
Growth Cycle: 60-65 days
Flowering time: 7 weeks
Harvest time: from July
Height: 25-35cm
Yield: 30-60gr/pl
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