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purple fuck seeds

purple fuck seeds

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Purple Fuck are based on the famous Mendocino Purps strain infused with another California classic Granddaddy Purple and possess great pain relief abilities.

Mostly indica these marijuana seeds are easy to grow, they have an almost 100% germination rate, very resistant to mould and spider mites and are happy to grow indoors, outdoors and greenhouses. Most phenotypes lean towards the Mendocino Purps and there is a great chance of having a “see of purple”, however some may lean towards the Space Queen which is a green phenotype, or the Grandaddy Purple which tends to have a light lavender colour.

Growing plants develop the essence of grape cough medicine but the smell is not overpowering and, unlike when you were a child, this grape cough medicine smell soothes the soul.

Ken's Grandaddy Purple x Purple Rhino x [Mendocino Purps x Space Queen]

8-9 weeks

350 g

Heavy, "couch-lock"
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