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Pine Queen haze cannabis seeds

Pine Queen haze cannabis seeds

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PineQueen haze marijuana seeds

Pinequeen haze has great richness imbedded in its genetic make up . The strain has a few phenotypes all very good . They include pineapple and hazy skunk phenotype ,and hazy lemon and lime. Smell and flavour of the Alaskan is orange skunk with a spicy edge , very oily much like a lot of jamaican strains , Pineapple grows Massive buds with little leaf . The flowers are thick and the buds are dense .

ndica/Sativa %
Sativa Dominant
Feminized Seeds?
Indoor / Outdoor
Bloom Length:
9 - 12 weeks
# of Phenotypes?
Describe each phenotype expression:
phenotype 1 . sweet haze pineapple skunk , shimla . finished 10 to 11 weeks
phenotype 2 . lemon , lime ammonia . gooey finished 11 weeks
phenotype 3 fruity , earthy , incense clove and pine goo finished 10 weeks
phenotype 4 . lemon lime pineapple skunk cleaner goo finished 12 weeks
phenotype 5 . lemon cake , less zesty more rounded . finished 10 weeks
Phenotype 6 . Uk pineapple , Uk cheese and looks like a greasy mess , brighter in colour with red pistils with dense sativa buds . finishes around 8 weeks

All phenotypes have a distinct shimla back ground smell

stretch x4
Resin Profile:
Copious Resin
Odour Score:
Odour Description:
hazy , pineapple , lemon lime , clove and pine
Flavour Score:
Flavour Description:
gooey , clove , lemon lime indian hash
Potency Score:
High Type:
stimulating , creative , medicinal
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