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Orisha XL marijuana seeds

Orisha XL marijuana seeds

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Orisha XL marijuana seeds

100% sativa
Contains landrace genetics from:


greenhouse/outdoor; indoor only vegetative phase recommended.


Cerebral, energizing, motivational, social; no nervous side-effects (racy heart, etc.). Recommended for persons seeking a milder buzz that does not trigger anxiety or paranoia and which leaves you functional and active. Not suitable for tokers with a high THC tolerance!

green pepper, sweet-spicy.
Medical use:

Good potential against lethargy/lack of motivation and appetite loss. Broad spectrum use.

Flowing Time Outdoors
Flowering time outdoor:

for equatorial areas with constant 12 hours daylight; tropical-humid, hot or Mediterranean climate.
Recommended Light Intensity
Recommended light intensity:

400-600W HPS
Plant Height
Plant Height:


Detailed Description:

Available exclusively in our online shop and Seedboutique

A tall Nigerian sativa, long flowering, open bud structure. Ideal for equatorial regions where other strains fail to grow properly under 12/12 daylight and humidity. Good mold resistance and high calyx-leaf ratio. This strain can be started indoor under 400W HPS. Keeping mother plants under artificial light is also possible. Moderate nutrient requirements. Previous experience in growing landrace sativas can be useful.
Product Features

rare landrace sativa
excellent outdoor choice for equatorial or tropical regions
high mold resistance
great calyx-leaf ratio
moderate nutrient requirements - can grow in poorer soils

Product History

Orisha is a limited edition of a landrace sativa from Nigeria that has been refined by our breeders through careful selection of parent plants and adaptation to modern cultivation methods. It offers you the opportunity to grow a unique, pure sativa from genetics rarely offered commercially, despite it's local popularity in Africa. Nigeria is one of the largest producers of marijuana in the world and more than 20% of it's population regularly smoke cannabis.

Orisha was named after the mystical ancestors of the Yoruba tribes. Orishás are deities of hunt, fertility, love, etc. They are also characterized as the inner god, which has the power to awaken the deeper spirit of the soul to cure pains and reestablish a balance within. The Yoruba celebrate their ceremonies with ritual drumming, song, and mystical trances in which the orishás are summoned. During these cermeonies herbs and special offerings play a central role. The original seeds were given to us by a musician friend who travelled throughout Africa collecting instruments and studying with African percussionists.
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