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Orange marijuana seeds

Orange marijuana seeds

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We are pleased to present our new cannabis variety from Cropi-Canna collection of Fruits of the World Seed Range - Orange feminized seed.

Cropi-Canna Pure Premium Orange marijuana tastes of one thing - oranges. With a strong history of the great taste and quality, this one is mature, complex and well-balanced - world renowned favourite similar to the Orange Bud and the California Orange strains from the past.

This marijuana goes further than the orange varieties before it, pushing new boundaries of taste and flavour without the worry of overdoing it! Fresh, tasty, fruit flavoured buds of ever so moreish delight and pleasure! Plus this great taste can be yours without it being too heavy. Instead, this variety has been specifically bred to be light, mellow and calm - the perfect combination of flavour and taste without leaving you wasted.

Cropi-Canna feminized seed of Orange is one of the easiest to clone and cultivate under a variety of conditions, both indoors and outdoors. With a bit of care, it will produce a heavy crop of good quality cannabis up to 400 gr per m2 when grown indoors. When grown outside, the harvest months are September -October. Buds are covered with long orangey hairs.
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