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Orange haze cannabis seed

Orange haze cannabis seed

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Orange Haze is the other Sativa Green Devil Genetics, with a shorter flowering period and palate more fruity, with clear presence Valencian citrus orange. All of a tribute of GDG to terreta that saw the bank. The ancestors are a mother leaving a large selection of Orange Bud, which is mixed with classic American Haze, preserved since the 70s. Production is high, will be ready is 63 or 65 days in outer mature in late October. Has a lot of vigor and good pattern, either resists pests and fungi, in addition to growing with vigor. Produces large plants, between 2.5 and 3 meters high with internodal distance. Frugal is a plant that grows vigorously without the need of large subscribers. In full bloom with buds that space internodal long and spiky, very typical of the Sativa, while the Orange Haze brings density, are stones of meat, so it is a Sativa effect of energy, but fast and productive, something very liked by cannabicultores. Has little leaf, which makes it simple manicure, the leaflets are elongated, style Sativa, although fatter by the influence of the Orange.

All varieties of Green Devil Geneics are acclimated to the Spanish Mediterranean.

Orange Bud, Haze


63-65 days

500/600 g/m2

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