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Orange Crush marijuana seeds

Orange Crush marijuana seeds

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- 'Orange Crush'
The California Orange mom is the legendary clone that sets the standard for all other California Oranges to aspire towards. And it has done so for close to two decades. It's super sweet Tang flavor and aroma is unequaled. It's vigor is amazing and it's ease of cloning will vastly be an improvement over the blueberry pollen source on both accounts. The blueberry pollen source speaks for itself and is described above. As with the Romulan mother of Romberry, This California Orange clone does very well at low (25-30 watts/foot) light levels. Both California Orange and blueberry parents are harvested between 50 and 60 days depending on taste. Most prefer the earlier end of the spectrum for the added flavor and happier high. As of May 2000, these are hot off the press and even mine are still small seedlings, therefore untested. Several have been shipped to friends for sharing, so grow reports should be surfacing over the next couple of months.
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