One to One marijuana seeds 10 pack

One to One marijuana seeds 10 pack

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One to One Cannabis Strain
One to One marijuana strain is well-balanced marijuana hybrid. As the name suggests, this marijuana has equal THC to CBD ratio, making her a good candidate for beginners. Due to high CBD content, the herb has many medical applications. One to One marijuana has few negative side effects commonly associated with weed. The buds are light green, covered in bright orange hairs and a thin layer of trichomes. One to One marijuana smells of earth, pine and citrus. This strain is good for day time use.
Type of High
One to One marijuana strain induces mild cerebral high followed by body relaxation. Uplifts mood, boosts creativity and energy, improves focus. Prompts giggles and social behavior. Boosts appetite, controls pain and nausea, helps with seizures.
One to One cannabis strain is a cross between Amnesia Haze and Landrace.
Average Cannabinoid Composition

10.00/14.00% THC 10.00/14.00% CBD
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