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Night Queen marijuana seeds

Night Queen marijuana seeds

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Some of our earliest customers from the 1980’s may remember the original Night Queen variety. She was a solid, heavy hitting indica with a great reputation. We were testing Night Queen seeds in the early 1980’s even before Dutch Passion became a registered company in 1987. Night Queen was popular, at the time an awesome solid indica. Without doubt the success of Night Queen helped Dutch Passion to establish itself as a seed supplier.

As the cannabis seed business really took off in the 80’s and 90’s newer strains began to hit the market. Seeds of the new exotic sativa’s, potent hybrids and skunks began to overtake the originals such as Night Queen, even after she had an upgrade in the 90’s. With some reluctance Night Queen was withdrawn from the Dutch Passion catalogue as seed sales fell. However we took the precaution of professionally sealing some seed bags with many hundreds of original seeds which we put in the Dutch Passion genebank coldstore for safe keeping.
Original heavy indicas are once again becoming more popular and we have had lots of requests to bring back Night Queen. The medical marijuana community were also increasingly wanting original and pure indica genetics back. High potency indica’s are highly prized for their pain relieving and medical properties that are useful in a range of conditions.
Dutch Passion Night Queen

Dutch Passion Night Queen

We decided to try germinating our aging seed stock and got enough seeds to hatch to allow a breeding program to re-start. Eventually we had that special broadleaved Afghani indica that we knew and loved. She had the dark green leaves which occasionally seem almost black, this is where the ‘Night’ name came from. The mature females are outstanding, elegant, with large heavy buds and a glossy coating of crystals – real Queens. That is how this variety got its name back in the early 80’s.

Night Queen will appeal to the grower looking for a very fast maturing, potent Indica variety with a stone that hits you hard and knocks you back onto the sofa. At the end of flowering she glistens with resin and is covered with a heavy crop of hard, dense, sticky buds. Under optimum conditions she will yield over 500 grams a square metre. This is a tough and forgiving variety, she is easy to grow and resistant to pests and fungus. The plant has earthy, sweet aroma’s with very strong hash smells as you might expect and hope for. She won’t grow too tall, and is well suited to the sea-of-green (SOG) or screen-of-green (SCROG) grow methods. She makes an unusually good mother plant too and is easy to take cuttings from.

Night Queen has THC levels of 18-20% and high CBD levels of 1.7%. This is a very potent Afghani hash plant with serious resin production. She flowers in around 8-9 weeks. We would describe her as 95% Indica, there is hardly any sativa influence at all. She is very pure and will appeal to both recreational growers as well as medical users. We are already getting good medical feedback and would be pleased to hear more from medical users about her
benefits which we will publish on our website. The rich Afghani Indica heritage has given us a true hash plant. Potent, resin crusted bud in generous amounts. Night Queen boasts those original dank earthy aromas that evolved over millennia on the Afghani mountains and valleys. If you are looking for something which is both new and at the same time a proven, 80’s original variety then look no further. Night Queen is back, and this time she is better and stronger than ever.
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