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Nagasaki Nightmare seeds

Nagasaki Nightmare seeds

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Nagasaki Nightmare are the perfect infusion of the award winning Dutch and Californian genetics; they combine the best qualities of both parents – Granddaddy’s slight deep grape smell and light lavender colours, and Bubbleberry’s flavours and growing characteristics.

Indica dominant, Nagasaki Nightmare is easy to grow – these marijuana seeds show an excellent rate of germination and develop strong spider mites resistant seedlings. Flowering is indica short - 8-9 weeks. They grow well indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses and are able to produce up to 400 gr.

This marijuana seed develops in a very attractive plant with a delicious gentle smell which cannot fool a veteran, Nagasaki Nightmare produces the most powerful indica high which can be used to ease pain and sooth unpleasant gastro-intestinal symptoms.

Ken's Grandaddy Purple x Sagarmatha's Bubbleberry

8-9 weeks


Heavy indica
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