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mystic gem cannabis seeds

mystic gem cannabis seeds

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Mystic Gem marijuana seeds

hails from the union of Licorice Orange Crush/Hashplant x G13 and fathered by my original Bros Grimm C99 stud. LOC/HPxG13 was originally offered from within the Gypsy Nirvana G13 Collection of 2003. Based on the parents of this union expect rock hard buds glistening with trichomes. Flowering time ranges between 60-70 days, with the possibility of a slightly shorter number of days based on C99 dominant phenotype. On it's own, LOC/HPxG13 is an excellent plant for converting trim to bubble due to it's uniform Hash Plant expression. The mother's taste is quite fruity although with undertones of hash plant. The potency is quite high and I can see many beneficial medical uses with this strain, e.g. muscle relaxant and appetite stimulant. Adding C99 is like icing on the cake. Enjoy! Flowering: approx. 60-70 Days
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